Forum access problems

Right now I’m on another computer to be able to post this message but starting about a month ago when I’m on my main computer I have been getting this message when after I logon and try to enter the Forums.

I tried to create a new user with another email address but it did the same thing .

Does this website put something on my other computer to have this happen?

Your IP address has probably been used by a spammers in the past. Unfortunately, tools available to moderators are not great, so it may take some time to resolve. I suggest you inform the site admins.

If it was my IP address then why am I able to post this ? All I'm doing is just moving my connection from one computer to the other on my desk ( I do have to reset the modem but that was the first thing I tried when I got the message).

I did send an email to the webmaster but did not hear back and that' s why I'm posting this to see what happened.

If my IP stays the same then why does the website not give me the message on my laptop that I get on my desktop.

I still think that something was sent to the desktop one to be able to get this situation.