Forum broken for IE..., again :(

The new forum was actually starting to work with IE 11, now when I click on a link to the forum with IE, I get a screen that says I'm already logged in. It says if not redirected in seconds click "here", which loads the profile page, not the forum. sad.

A way to fix this (for me) is ... In Internet Options, Browsing history, Settings, View files: Delete the following 2 cookies, where xxx is your logon name:

Now you can log in correctly ... try checking the "Remember me" box, it may help to prevent further issues. However, I find this isn't a permanent fix.

I deleted all of my browsing history from the above folder (including cookies) and still cannot get on the forums on my laptop. The Sven says "You are already logged in."

By the way, the forum was working on my laptop list night at 11:30; about 10 hours ago.

I am now posting using IE. Rebooting the pc in the past has cleared the bad cookies or what ever the issue is. As in the past if I am reading the forum, and click one of the top links like "reference" and go there, then using the back button to return to the forum, I get a blank screen and the login stuff starts. This was also an un fixed issue in the previous version. It is a forum issue as this is the only site that has this issue.

I've tried everything including

  1. Deleted everything out of: %temp%
  2. ran CC Cleaner
  3. Deleted everything out of: Internet Options, Browsing history, Settings, View files
  4. Rebooted the laptop several times
  5. Ran ipconfig /flushdns

muldoon: I've tried everything including


But shouldn't you just try using a proper browser, at least by way of comparison?

I'm curious what part of this forum coding is so desperately needed that it is worth not working with IE.

It's a work computer, so I'm stuck with the most popular browser for downloading other browsers. ;D

I am having the same issues, but only with the IE for the touch interface. Open up in desktop mode and the forum seems to be working. I am posting this from a Surface Pro 2 with Windows 8.1

I would have tried with a proper browser but none of the real ones support a touch mode so that limits me with what I can use.

muldoon: It's a work computer, so I'm stuck with the most popular browser for downloading other browsers.

Elegant reply and basically what I expected, but if it is indeed a work computer, it puzzles me that you can run "CCCleaner" but not Firefox.