Forum doesn't work on Internet Explorer 10?

When I try to visit this forum using Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 running on Windows 7 Home Edition 64-bit, sometimes, I try to go back to previous page but I get the message shown in the image. When I visit this forum using Google Chrome, no problems. Please check into this problem.


works fine for me (tm)

I think nginx is some sort of a virus Or at the kindest an overly aggressive application that installs itself without permission.

Grumpy_Mike, Thank you very much for telling me that I got spyware on my computer. I had to get rid of it. I thought that it is forum software that this website uses.

I would recommend to stop using IE and use Firefox or even chrome, opera..

why, I dont use IE, but 10 is really good and not any less secure than firefox chrome opera or other

I still don't trust it. I used Opera for years until one of their updates screwed with my settings and couldn't open Opera anymore without 50 pop-ups about sites being unsecure (when they weren't even https). Then moved back Firefox. I don't think I will ever use IE though. Just because they are 5 years behind..

no, no they are not, seems that you are