Forum editor - upper- and lower case mix

I'm on a German language based PC. When I Input some text, the Editor changes some words to a first letter in upper case. Are there some configuration Points to Avoid this unwanted changes?
The words input, editor, Points and Avoid (all above) are typical examples for that behaviour.

Most - near all - words are marked with a red underline. That Looks like a wrong spelling process(?)

I have no idea. But can this be caused by your browser settings?

Browser based spell checker ?
the "forum editor" or some other IDE ?


I'm on a German language based PC.

Maybe it would be worth enquiring in the German language section of the Forum. People there might have the same equipment as you.


The red underline usually is a spell checker, and the automatic capitals would be auto correct.
These are additions to your browser, not some tool on this site.
I'm on Firefox and am using spell checkers for Dutch (my native language), English and German.
In German language capitals are used much more than in other languages i know of; any noun starts with a capital for instance.
Once multiple languages are installed, you would need to switch to the language you're going to type in, or else the results may not be what you expected.
Right-click the edit field to get a menu that will allow you to choose an other language from the ones you have installed.
At least that is how it works for me.

The right click also allows to manage installed languages.

Thank you all! My browser was missing the English language. I installed it and now the forum editor looks well.