Forum is not TOR friendly

I don't think it is necessary to be filling out captchas(google) to make each post when I've already signed in, and the integration with evil google and apple to sign in is not cool. I use TOR to keep away from google and their scripts, I don't like filling out captchas and I doubt this site is under attack enough to justify this. Surely there are other means, and certainly a captcha to post is not necessary. Does the site get money for putting g666gle and crapple links for sign in? I find it offensive to see those evil companies associated with Arduino.

Everyone should be de-googling, their phones, their lives and their websites.

I doubt this site is under attack enough to justify this.

These measures were put in place in reaction to severe DDoS attacks that went on for quite some time and caused a lot of disruption to the users of this forum. It’s sad that anyone would chose the Arduino website as a target, but there are some very scummy people in this world.

Huh? I only sign in, then start reading and replying and occasionally start a new post. No captchas involved.
Win10Pro, Chrome, on an older Lenovo w530.

Oh, just 2 posts. That could require other actions. For a while there was so much spam coming in we couldn't keep up with banning posters and deleting the spam, that led to the 5 minute wait between posts until some quantity (50? 100?) of posts were made. I don't know what's being used now. Some spam still makes it in. I just banned/deleted some "buy instagram likes" post yesterday, so it never stops.

No craptchas here at all !

I know they were toying with the idea though.

As far as any other ADVERTS there are plenty of good ADBLOCKERS out there so I don't see those either.

The CloudFlare service used by this website will require a captcha under certain circumstances:

Back a few months ago, I was inundated with captchas, then they disappeared like a forgotten president, hopefully not to be seen again. :sunglasses:

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