Forum no longer reloads automatically

Until recently, after reading a topic in a forum and going back to the unread topics list, the list would auto refresh. For several days now this feature has vanished and a manual refresh is required.

Is this a change to the site - I'm not aware that my browser (Safari Version 7.0.5 (9537.77.4)) has been updated recently.

I am not seeing that. I read a topic, I go back to the index and there are more new posts there.

I noticed the same thing last night but this morning it is working again.


OK, it is neither better or worse. It is intermittent. Sometimes it reloads, sometimes it does not. Noted for much of the last week.

This forum software never ceases to amaze - or whatever you call it. Flaky is the word, actually.

I also noticed this and I also use Safari. It seems a problem that affects this browser... :roll_eyes:

Well, I am not using Safari.

There is a great temptation here to imagine the problems - and there are a few - with this discussion board, somehow relate to a browser. While there should be very few who consider themselves engineers (or employed by a reputable company) using IE, the problems do not arise from failings even with IE, or any other browser. :astonished:

It is probable that many problems are related to cookies, but all browsers handle these just fine. The fact is, other discussion (forum) boards with few exceptions simply do not cause these problems.

Uhm.. the only thing that sounds strange is that up to a couple of days ago things were working correctly. This lead me to think that someone has changed something in the back.. I'll ask....

It has just started doing it again - 0337GMT 2nd Sept.


See reply N[u]o[/u] 3 for a full explanation.

After having behaved for a couple of weeks, the forum is back to its old trick of not reloading the main forum page. It was working fine last night but this morning at 1400GMT it is misbehaving again.


The forum was still not working properly this morning so I closed the tab in firefox, deleted all cookies for and then tried again. Now it works.


What OS are you using, el_supremo?

64-bit Win 7 Pro


It's doing it again this morning. Firefox 32.0.3, 64-bit Win 7 Pro

I closed the forum window, deleted all cookies and then opened the forum in a new window. All is well, for now.