Forum Topic Tracking

Things that are GOOD about the new Forum SW:

I think I am especially appreciating the way the new forum SW handles "tracking." Specifically:

  1. "Tracking" status does what I want it to - adds the topic to the list of things that show up in my "unread" list.

  2. The "track a topic if I spent N minutes reading it" is useful and reflect some of the ways I use the forum - I used to "lose" things if I was read them on a non-keyboard device and it wasn't convenient to enter a reply at the time.

  3. It's easy to change around if a topic gets boring or heads in a direction that I'm not interested in.

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How did you manage the tabs / spaces in front of the numbered lines.

Oh wait, what if you wanted to indent a non-numbered line.


Okay, the above does it, how joyful.


I like the bookmarking.


I used the "enumerated list" tool... (Next to the emoticons...)

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