Forum user website not shown

Forgive me if this has been mentioned before, it wasn't obvious on page 1, and I don't see a summary of bugs.

I was editing my forum profile, and noticed that under "Summary - Nick Gammon" the Website entry was blank (in the part about ICQ, AIM, MSN, YIM etc.). So I went in to edit that, just in case anyone want to visit my website. But it isn't blank when going into edit mode!

So I removed the "http://" part (in case that was wrong) and re-saved. But still it shows up as blank. Re-editing shows the forum software put the "http://" part back, so it seems to know my site, even if it isn't showing it.

Is there some setting "show website" that I overlooked? If so, why bother? Just leave it blank if you don't want it shown.

Did you enter anything for "website title"?

No I didn't and adding something fixed it.

But can't the URL stand on its own? The layout of that form suggests that each line is independent. Like:

Website title:  
Website URL:    

But (un-obviously) website title, and website URL are paired.

I mean, if I didn't have a business name, then what would I call the website? "Nick Gammon's web site"? What extra information does that add?

But can't the URL stand on its own?

I guess not. I think the problem is only on that page. As far as I can tell, everywhere else the URL (without title) works as expected.