Forums and banned IP - Help to overcome

There is a web forum.

The Forum owner notices lot of spam coming from a country.

So he summarily bans all posts from that country including viewing options too, thus kicking out the spammers.

In such a scenario is there any way that a genuine poster ( like me :wink: ) can circumvent the ban ? I have written to the owner and he unlocks my IP only to be locked out again as the IP keeps changing based on my ISP.

While I fully understand the irritation of the site owner to take such an action, I am missing out on support . Any ideas to break this logjam ??

Instead of summarily banning all requests from a country can there be not a filter to kick out only those who are NOT registered ? I don't know....

( I did not feel it right to name the forum or country )

IP bans are quite rare.
Even more so to a whole country.
I can only see those actions being taken when a spam level becomes intolerable.
There are other methods such as the one used in here with the post delays of 5 minutes for new users.

Only real way around that is a VPN or similar to be able to select a NON banned IP range.
That would or should always give to access and is very easy and cheap to set up.

if the owner cannot or will not narrow down the range of IP's then I don't think there is much you can do.

Hope its not Arduino ?