Forza Motorsport 7 RPM Led Light using UDP

Hey I'm pretty new to Arduino.
I want to build a simple RPM meter using an noteMCU board with ESP8266-12E and a 4x4 WS2812 LED Matrix to work with Forza Motorsport 7 (short FM7)

FM7 can send telemetry data from the Car to the network using UDP.
The stream of data is my bigest problem, I found this post,maybe they help?

but I dont know how to implement into my sketch and use it, for example like this:

If "current_engine_rpm" are 90% of "engine_max_rpm" turn LEDS to Blue.

I know how to control the LEDs but not how to read and process the data stream. I already managed to connect to the UDP Stream and the serial monitor shows me a connection that changes when pause/resume the race.

Can anybody help? :slight_smile:

Use a RPi, that will do all what you need.