Found a guide to something called AB mosfet, does this actually work?

Ab mosfet guide


This seems to be a much simpler solution then a half H bridge with low and high sides, it would also seem this is working for them with no deadtime needed.

What are the disadvantages of this setup? i assume that it wouldn't be so good to pwm this setup, but a constant on or brake application?


That is a very bad design, with "shoot through", which effectively shorts out the battery momentarily every time it is switched.

Thanks for your reply, though from what i read it is working (somehow i found it on some airsoft forms while searching motor brake in google) for lots of the members on these forums, they have many guides and different ways of doing this type of Active Brake mosfet design, but what they all share is they dont use drivers, no half h bridges (single motor and only one direction in the airsoft i imagine) and they have no deadtime for driving the mosfets, i though shoot throgh was supposed to fry the mosfets first, is shorting the battery that bad?