Found a mistake in documentation, and hello

Hi all,

First, I found a mistake in the AnalogWriteResolution() function description.

If you notice, it say's that the due has a 12-bit PWM, however, the datasheet for the AT91SAM3X8E say's that it's 16-bit. I think the person that wrote this got mixed up. The DAC and ADC are 12-bits. Unless I'm not reading something right here? For future reference, who would you contact for corrections like this?

Also, I wanted to introduce myself. Hello all!

I'm new to Arduino, but not new at all to digital/analog/robot design (I'm an electrical engineer). I'm going to start goofing off with the Due (I just ordered one along with a few other things). I jumped to the due because I have a ton of experience coding for the AVR (old news for me), and I wanted to try something new for future projects. I'm really digging how nicely the Arduino tools abstract the Atmel MCUs!!! In the past I would have to spend a ton of time reading datasheets to figure out which registers in the MCU to bitbang. It's really nice that you don't have to do that with Arduino. This will let me focus on the actual application of the Due rather than blowing away time just trying to configure things properly!

Anyway, I will likely have all sorts of questions in the future!