found a SN75185

i found 2 SN75185 chips with breakoutboard from a old HP pc

I do have a PDF but it does'nt help me very much...

What can i do with it or can i trash it?

picture (large) updated (both side's)

mmm so it’s 12v+/12v- to 5volt? so its useable for arduino <-> PC communication

? if not i’ll toss them after a desoldering session :stuck_out_tongue:

You need 3 power supplies. +5 +12 -12 and probably to sit with a meter and draw a schematic. The SOT23's may be fets, transistors or something else.

The IC is a power hog.

Easier with this but not specifically from this vendor. It needs 3.3 - 5v

There are others you can find with a google search max232 board

thank you