Found a useful converter online![pF]-to-nanofarad-[nF]/

I hate having to remember 0.1uf is the same as 100nf 10nf 0.01uf , trying to remember if it's nf or uf or pf is a pain esp when reading circuits, this website is a big help, just wanted to share....


I see it has converters for all sorts of things. Bookmarked.....

Amusingly high end of the prefix range for capacitance (exafarads!)

Also the translator doesn’t seem to know that deci/deka/hecto/centi prefixes
are only used with length, area and volume. Well it sometimes does (current
doesn’t have them, but capacitance and inductance do…)

Also they don’t have rad/s under frequency, and converting Hz <-> rad/s is a
really useful conversion to my mind.

I think this is one of those things you -must- memorize. It is only 3 decimal places between F - mF - uF - nF - pF, it does not vary. I can't imagine reading a schematic by constantly referring to a calculator.

It is like voltage-current-resistance, and voltage-current-power formulas. You should have them memorized. It is enough to have memorized the E/IR and P/EI circles, you can work out the rest with algebra.

It is the same with resistor color codes. I memorized them very early. I had boxes of parts scavenged, and to find a resistor for a project I'd work out the color code and picture it in my head. Then I'd scan over the box looking for that set of colors. After getting used to that, I started to also repeat the value over and over while picturing the resistor color codes. In a few months of this, I got pretty good at just looking at a board and knowing what value the resistors were. It became second nature pretty quickly after that.

And it comes in -very- handy when troubleshooting, with or without a schematic. I just see brown-black-orange-gold, and I don't have to convert.. um, brown is one, black is zero... Nope, I see that and I immediately think "10k 5%". Forget that horrible mnemonic. Starting with 2, red, it is ROY G BV (no indigo). Red 2, Orange 3, Yellow 4, Green 5, Blue 6, Violet(purple) 7. Black is nothing so that is 0, Brown is between black and red so that is 1. Then you just have to memorize White is the highest so it is 9, just below white is Grey for 8.

Anyway... work your brain, memorize some things. Keep a chart handy, nothing wrong with that. Simple repetition will soon result in you remembering this stuff.



Obviously the values i gave i HAVE remembered...

But even you and mike don't remember or know all of them!

femto 10^-15, pico 10^-12, nano 10^-9, micro 10^-6, milli 10^-3, kilo 10^3, Mega 10^6, Giga 10^9, Tera 10^12... nope, not -all-, but the ones I'll need. Probably don't need femto and Tera too often, but I memorized those just the same.