Found another solution to avrdude stk500 not in sync error

I have a duemilanove and was getting sync errors whenever I tried to use a new ATMega328 chip (both with and without boot loader installed). When I reinstalled my original 328, it worked fine.

The solution I had to implement was to purchase a USBtinyISP. connect it to my Duemilanove. Then under the 'Tools' menu, make sure I had the proper board selected (in my case 'duemilanove atmega328) and that my programmer was properly set to USBtinyISP. Note* - I did have to get the driver for the USBtiny and, also, the menu>serial port setting isn't used under this configuration.

Finally, I had to reburn the bootloader. Everything works again!!

I should mention, here, that I was ALSO able to program successfully the new ATmega chips when I used a borrowed Arduino UNO. So I had two ways to fix the sync error, but since the USBtiny saved me $$ I went that route.

It would appear, to me, that the arduino software has an issue with identifying a mismatch on bootloader protocol on the Duemilanove board. That is, assuming there is a difference in bootloaders between the Duemilanove and the UNO. When I used my original Duemilanove chip, it worked fine. When I used a blank or a prewritten bootloader (assuming that all bootloaders are the same or an updated version), NO JOY!

Using an external programmer, assigning the proper board, and re-writing the bootloader, solved my sync issue.

Hopefully, I was able to illustrate the issue at hand, and that it helps. Also, maybe it will generate traction on a future fix.

Thanks for listening

I burn all my 328P DIPs as Unos, then it doesn't matter what board they are installed in, they all work with optiboot bootoader at Uno speeds.