Found Arduino! Anyone have any ideas what to use it for?

Hey there,

I'm working in a venue in Vegas and we came across an Arduino setup and are trying to figure out its original purpose. It's made up of a Mega 2560 R3 board with an Ethernet Shield V2 on top. I know that the possibilities are endless but I thought maybe someone might have some insight into what this was originally used for or how to figure such a thing out. Many thanks!

No clue.

You would need to read the flash and do a major effort figuring out what the machine code does and even then if user info is part of it you may still not know.

First thing to do with the Mega board is to LEARN with.

photo ? what is connected to it?
if we knew the sensors, or switches and what it connected to in order to control, we could play the guessing game a bit better.

At this point it is like saying you found a pencil on the street, anyone know what it was used to write ?

You may get a clue by plugging it in with a USB cable and seeing if the serial port outputs anything upon reset or while the sketch is running. You will need a terminal program (the Arduino IDE serial monitor, or any number of free serial terminal programs). You may need to play with the baud rate.

In Vegas, it could just as easily have been a visitor filling time in their room, or some hacker thinking he could jump onto the gaming LAN, and breaking the bank.

Take it home, write some new code and enjoy.