found new hardware wizard

Duemilanove 328 Windows XP I am very green, bear with me please. I purchased the starter kit worked away at it for a few weeks, then allow of a sudden a "avrdude error". Read all thru the suggestions on the forum, uninstalled everything, reloaded, again and again, decided that it was the chip!!! Purchased a new chip today, downloaded everthing again, plugged in the board and did not get the new hardware wizard, what I don't understand is that the device manager says it's a FTDI driver. Ran the blink sketch and got the "avrdude error". Help please. Colin By the way I'm in Ontario drove 45 min. to Creatron where I purchased the kit, to be told "He" doesn't do service work. On-line buying starting to look good.

Which "Avr-dude" error are you getting?

Some of the most common mistakes are having the wrong COM port selected, make sure you check under TOOLS in the Arduino IDE, with the board unplugged first, then plug it in, and check again. Also, make sure you've got the right chip selected in the IDE, which is in the same area, under TOOLS, then Boards, will be the top. (Assuming you're using version 0017, most previous will too but this is what I'm looking at :D)

I've noticed recently.. with 1 board, when I plug it in.. I get the new hardware wizard, even though the board was installed long ago.. still works fine, canceled it and was still able to upload.. unplugged the board, plug it back in, and the wizard doesn't come up. shrug

One thing I've noticed with XP.. when it's trying to install drivers.. maybe my installation is mentally disabled.. but for some reason.. no matter what I plug in.. it doesn't install the drivers from the windows driver folder. So I manually have to point it to the file everytime I install something. (got to love windows..) Try pointing the wizard to the Windows driver file: C:\WINDOWS\INF

This may, or may not work.. just an idea if it comes this far. :)