fp-s148 + duemilanove

Ive tried interfacing the servo and arduino but it doesent work. Iv tried many codes from across the internet, the sweep code and various snippet mashes and all the servo does is several small jerks back and for. This happen on both the usb and the 9v wall wart. any help on what i can do?
I’m going to use it on the mount for my CB radio, so i can adjust the direction of my antenna without scaling my house.

white going to pin 2, or pin 11 depending on the code red going to 5v black going to GND

even if it turns out to not be suitable, it would still be nice to know as i've never had much look with servo's and i may have another project later on.

Just tried it now, still diddn't work... Im using a roboduino, just looked hard at the label. But it does say "arduino duemilanove compatable" on it, so....

along the top, from lef tto right are AREF - GND - 13 - 12 - 11- 10 all the way to 0, along the bottom is the power rail, consisting of RESET - 3v3 - 5v - GND - GND - Vin and analog pins 0-5 Pins 11, 10, 9, 6,5 and 3 are PWM, pin 1 is TX pin 0 is RX. On the left of the board, is a USB-B port, and a barrel plug for attatching a 9v power source

I had the yellow/White cable attatched to a pin along the top, (iv altered code to use the different pins), with the red cable attatched to the 5v on the bottom and the black to one of the GND's on the bottom.

sorry for not mentioning this earlier


Thats the one i have, i appologise for being so lacking in detail, but i havent had any code working with it. Would you by any chance be able to talk me through the setting up and running of a servo? like a tutorial? or could you direct me to one that may work with my board?

its a roboduino, i just found the image on the freeduino website. Ive uploaded the code, followed the diagram exactly. All the servo does is move in small jerks to one position, not the other direction. I've done sketches involving led's, pot's, temp sensors and im using the same software (the latest arduino programmer, which is also what the instructions that came with the board says). The led on the board flashes in time with the jerks, which is about once per second.

Ive tried it on USB power, and also on the included 9v wall wart.



to setup().



to loop().

Upload the code, and open the serial monitor. Does Setup get printed more than once?

yes, at the same rate as the jerks and the on-board led flashing

is the servo sweep ment to move in rapid pulses? i notices the atmega chip was slightly loose, so i pressed it in further, turned the power back on and now its moving in really rapid steps, through 180 degree's. But, if i connect the usb cable in aswell, and into my laptop, i assume that the automatic power switcher switches to usb power as it reverts back to the original problem, but its ok as long as its only connected to the 9v wall wart now. I thank you for your help, as you enforcing attention to detail lerd me to looking all over the board, and i would have easily missed it. Now im wondering if i could somehow send commands to it, to rotate the arm from 90 to an arbitary value? Happy new year btw

ah yes, that is the code i am using. You've been extremly helpful, and i think i will manage from here. If i have any more problems, i'll probably post again in the forum many, many thanks davie