FPGA development board

I am looking to get started with FPGAs. Can someone suggest me a good FPGA development board that will be good and easy to use for beginners. I prefer Xilinx and Altera as they seem to be the leaders in the industry.

I use the DE0 Nano from Altera. It's a good low-cost introduction to FPGAs. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, with just an accelerometer, ADC, SDRAM and things, but for the price it's a great way to learn about them.

Another vote for the Nao-DE0 from me. After you've installed Quartus-II (which takes ages to download) you can get going with the 1-hour tutorial which takes you through the stages of getting a little design on the board and running. The kit comes with everything you need except the software which you can download for free from Altera's website. After getting my first FPGA board I went from no FPGA experience to having an 8080 microprocessor (somebody else's design I downloaded from opencores) running some test code in less than 3 days. That includes downloading and installing Quartus-II, trying to get it working with Ubuntu (which took a day) and just learning how to use the program. It's great fun!

There are cheap boards on ebay (waveshare etc.) but these sometimes need jtag conectors, but these are quite cheap as well. I don't regret paying a little extra and getting the Nano-DE0.

I think National Instruments is worth a look. They have great support.

This board caught my interest. They really have excellent tutorials here, the best I've seen for using Xilinx FPGAs.

Also consider the Altera C5G development kit. It's got a Cyclone V FPGA along with an Arduino header.

Since your presumably working with Arduino's this shield may interest you for getting started with FPGA's:http://www.amani64.com/about.htm

They have a number of tutorials and it users an Altera FPGA