FPS counter\Airsoft selfmade upgrade

Hey guys!

I'm am kind of new in the topic of arduino projects. (I only made a 'useless box' , but in that case i only copied instructions)

I recently bought an airsoft gun and I tought I will upgrade it myself. First of all i want to make an FPS\bullets shot counter. The system needs to fit in the body of the airsoft so I will use an arduino nano. For measuring the speed of the bb I want to use a photoresistor.(is it possible?) In theory I will put the photoresistor in a dummy silencer, so i have some space to put leds and sensor without tuching the precise barrel part.

Do you think that this will be kinda accurate? +-1% Is the nano able to measure in microsecond?(or fraction of milisecond)

So my final question is: Is this project doable or am I just gona waste my time?

Thanks in advance

If you’re thinking of using a photoresistor, think again - they respond far too slowly.
Try a photodiode instead.
If you use two, you could use the capture/compare capability of one of the processor’s timers, and get timing down to 62.5ns accuracy.

I don’t think you’ll be able to get a meaningful FPS if your two sensors are only spaced as far apart as what would be allowed in a jank silencer. Run a foot long silencer and then maybe you’ll get an idea of what’s involved. Not sure what the point would be, anyway. Before proper games, players shoot through a proper chrony.

As for being able to keep up with counting shots fired, what kind of ROF are you working with?