FPV droneracing LEDtrack

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to figure out how I can build an LEDtrack for droneracing events we organize.
The racetrack contains multiple airgates to pass trough.

Our group wants to build airgates with LEDs to be able to organize indoor events or evening/night events.

We want the LEDgates to be able to change colour and create track effects like running LEDgates.

I've done some research and I was hoping someone could tell me if my plan makes sense. :slight_smile:

  1. I think i've got the part for powering the gates covered. Each gate would have it's own 72Watt 12VDC PSU - One gate should take about 5-6meter of 12V RGB strip. (not the programmable ones)

  2. I want to define the colour of each gate by using an Arduino Nano (1 Nano per gate). Using the PWM to controll the gate of a MOSFET. The MOSFET takes the current loads for the LED strip.

  3. To change colour and create the runningLED effect, I want to connect each Arduino with RS485 connection. This should be able to connect 32gates for up to 1200meters, that should be plenty. The master Arduino commands the slaves wich colour they should show.

Putting the hardware together shouldn't be a problem for me. As for coding all this, there is allot for me to learn knowing that I don't know anything about it...

Does someone know if this is something that can be done? Or is Arduino not the solution for me?

Thanks in advance!