FPV with arduino

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-mike :-)

So what is that supposed to mean? You want the whole movement to change because you can't understand the word NO.

copy paste from the other forum:

hold on second.

.. obviously I have not expressed myself properly, my bad.

my one and only objective in posting that was to find out from whoever is relevant within the arduino community, whether there might be any interest in develloping arduino hardware capable of doing this. if there isn't, the issue stops there, I invest in the products of the companies who specialize in that area.

I went to the part of the arduino site where it explains how to propose new applications of arduino to those in a position to either help make it happen, or not, and it said to post in these forums, so that is what I did. you will notice that while it is agreed, emphatically, that arduino can -not- do this, which I understand and accept (how could I not?), it is also acknowledged that the demand is there, and that it is therefore a technology in theory worth develloping. it is also explained that only the people leading the devellopment of arduino can make this kind of decision, which, again, is what lead me, as explained above, to post here.

I hope that explains things.

..in fact, while I still muse about the idea of integrating arduino into a system incorporating this other technology, I have already 95% accepted that the arduino community will not be interested, and I will have to invest in the other tech I have found.

that's all. sorry for littering the forums.

that's all. sorry for littering the forums.

Then stop doing it.

You have posted in the suggestion forum "add video capabilities" to the Arduino. Good job. Your suggestion will now be heard.

Move on to something else now.