[FR] Comment remettre millis() a 0

Bonjour pour mon programme j'ai besoin de remettre millis() a 0 au court du programme mais je ne trouve pas comment faire >:( .

According to Google translate

Hello for my program I need to give millis () to 0 short of the program but I do not find how to do

which I think means that the OP wants to set millis() to zero

Probably better off in the French section for further discussion as to why this cannot be done, nor is it needed.

Move to French section suggested to the mods

i don't find the french section :confused:

The millis() function returns the value of a local variable m that is incremented in the TIMER0_OVF_vect ISR within the wiring library which is loaded automatically when compiling. If you really think you need control over that, then you need to move the millis() and micros() functions and the ISR into your own code and deal with it there. Not a recommended procedure as then you'll disrupt all the libraries that rely on millis. Use your own counter, adjust it for the current value of millis and zero it (or assign it another value) anytime you want.

i don't find the french section :confused:

It's called "Français".

millis() tourne sans arrêt.
Tu crées ton propre compteur et tu le met à zéro quand tu en a besoin.

La fonction millis() utilise le "timer 1".
Ce timer est utilisé par d'autres fonctions arduino donc on n'y touche pas.
Comme dit dans les messages précédent il est ,de loin, préférable de passer par une variable intermédiaire que tu pourra mettre à zéro sans te poser de question.