Freaduino MEGA 2650 and Windows, drivers?

The Freaduino MEGA 2650 looks like a nice board at first view. It is advertised as Arduino MEGA 2650 compatible with many extras. Like a switch to run on 3.3V or 5V, which makes it easier to interface to 3.3V devices. And a more capable power circuit when powered by a external powersupply: 800 mA 3.3V,5V 2A.

I have bought, a year ago, one of these boards: a 2012 version V1.4, date 22/10/2012. Looks well produced. It has some deviations from the standard ATMEGA 2650 R3:

  • The dimensions are not exactly identical to the Arduino MEGA2650. prototype boards do not fit.
  • It has a FTDI FT232L based serial interface instead of the ATmega16U2 IC.
  • The FTDI FT232L on my board is a fake, so it becomes bricked when a current FTDI Windows driver detects this IC.

In 2014 I did not get it to work, due to the fake FT232L and put it aside.
But today I got it operational again! Alas still not operational on Windows, it works fine on a Linux system such as the Raspberry Pi.

These are the steps:

  • unbrick the FTDI IC on the Raspberry Pi with ft232r_prog
  • repair/update bootloader (thanks Nick gammon for your bootloader sketch!)
  • program on a Raspberry Pi with the Arduino IDE

Details here

Question: Has anyone a link to proven working drivers for the FT232L on Windows 64 bit 7, 8, 10?