Freaky Battery

Hi all,
i wanna do some stuff with these lights known from construction sites. but they have some freaky batteries and im not shure how to recharge them, if they are rechargeable . Any ideas? (description says: Air depolarized battary Capacity 6v 50 Amp.h.)

I don't think they are rechargeable - Alkaline batteries generally are not - as fa as i know.

I have a similar battery (also ripped from a blinking "road work lamp") and it last a very long time but it's not rechargeable.


i thought something like that. does anyone know if i can attach a 12V power supply? lowering the voltage?

Just take a look at your application board. There you can find an ic named 78xx05 or something. This is for voltage regulation. 05 means 5 Volt. But you need some more parts around. Take a look at the data sheet