Free and simple com1/rs232 monitor ?

Hi, i v got a rs232 serial tablet, and want to monitor what it sends to the com1 port. Do you know any simple and free soft to do that ? i m on win7 x64

thanks for any help ! J.

You mean like making a splitter cable and monitoring the tablet Tx line on something else?

yes or a software which can do that on the windows side ?

There are plenty of freeware com port software programs, do a google search for 'freeware rs 232 monitor.' I use one called 'RS-232 Monitor' from I think it was $10, but it works well, displaying the serial data stream in different format, different #s of columns, rows etc.

You could probably even use the Serial Monitor in the Arduino IDE, set your baud rate to match, and hopefully the tablet puts out data in 8-N-1 format (8 bits, no parity,1 stop bit).

Windows used to come with Hypterminal, not any more tho.

thx i ve tested many of those monitor program, but nothing happens, as if nothing where plugged to the rs232 port.
Noticed a strange thing to, first time i ve plugged the tablet, it worked and now well not…as if nothing where bplugged in. i ve got 3 of those tablet and same thing…is my com1 port beeing messed up with all those terminal monitoring stuff etc ? how could i resest or repair it ?

Sounds like you need some test equipment to check out signal levels. You are sure the cable from the tablet to the PC is correct? If that was miswired, you might have damaged the output pin connections on the tablet, and possibly on the PC.

mmm thinks i ve read something about the internal com port of my motherboard beeing wired differently...damn,, but it worked the first does it make sense ? if it's damaged can i repair it ?

I have to run, teaching a class. For us to help, we're going to need a lot more info. If you damaged something internal, it is doubtful you could repair it yourself. Everything is surface mount and generally pretty condensed. Without schematics and access to the same parts the manufacturer had ... Your best bet will be to take it to a computer repair shop, see if they can confirm the hardware is damaged, and if so have them quote making repairs. Will be back in ~6-7 hours...

ok, i ll try on a other computer then, see if it"s the tablet or the com port of the pc

Same for the tablet ? can it be damaged beyoond repair ?

Back early, had a cancellation. Ultimately, anything is repairable given enough funds for trouble shooting.

will try everything i can, but hard to find some com1 port on computer these days. Anyway, can you point me to some test equipement ti test signal levels ? obviously not too expensive, thanx !

How about a digital voltmeter as a start? What is the cable you are connecting with?

The port on the motherboard is IDC, then i use a idc to db9 cable to plug the tablet, the tablet has a db9 cable directly attached to it.

i ve used the two type of idc to db9 cable pinouts, on is in a row order, the other one in zig zag.