Free: Anyone want an SD shield and USBASP? (US only)

Offer EXPIRED! 12/3

So I have no use for these items anymore. Just collecting dust. Anyone want'em?

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No product charge, just pay shipping. USA only, it should only be about $3 USPS. You will pay prior via paypal. PM me and get the details there. first come first serve, I will ignore the second request until the first recieved is complete. Please, don't get angry if I don't respond.

1x Seeed Studio SD shield. Works, no SD cards etc. come with.
1x USBASP ATMEGA8. Short story, maybe defective? Long story never got it to work. Powers on but doesn't upload. Tried the flash new firmware, wouldn't write. Link on JP2 installed.

Going once. . . .going twice . . .

Offer EXPIRED! 12/3