FREE CAMP IN LINZ - Ars Electronica


the next big event for Arduino will be Ars Electronica. There will be a FREE OFFICIAL workshop there. We can offer room for 13 of you to come and learn Arduino with us at the camp, but if you are located in Linz or if you will anyway pass by the Festival, you are welcome to join to all the activities.

Thanks Ars Electronica for the support, the fee, the materials, the camp, and -if we are lucky- the food at the camp.

There will be lots of new stuff coming there and special lectures, among others: Advanced Arduino hacking, Shield design, Arduino Bluetooth, Arduino Stamp, Hacking the Asuro Robot, Arduino and Cardboard prototyping, and lots of copyleft music for the evenings.

Stay tuned for the application process.

Hasta pronto,


Yeeeha! Great! I will hack with you all day long in linz :-)


Hi Arduinies

Do you know when you will be inviting applicaions for this as I may be interested but will be away (even from the internet mostly) for a lot of august so may miss the boat.



yo, me is ready to apply!! where are those forms to fill!! /a


go to the website and download the form available there. After filling it just send it to ... et voila, you will be in the selection process.


Hi, some possibly silly questions:

I'll be going to the festival with my brandnew class of fellow MSc Mediatechnology students, so I don't need a place to stay or a complete program or anything like that, but is it possible to join any workshops on the spot? Will there be such a thing as an arduino stand to buy the latest version of the board? I've used Arduino quite intensively for my artacademy graduation project, but am always looking to learn a little more.. :)

hey it was a great event there in the electrolobby, tx loads david, mellis, massimo and everyone that helped making this big gathering.. it was nice to meet and enjoy the social side or the arduino project.

here some of alex pics.

i hope to upload some video soon.