Free Dashboard


does any know what FREE dashboard is best for putting all devices together in order to have easy control:

  1. 2 x Esp8266 relay

  2. 1 x DHT11

  3. 3 x Sonoff basics

is that possible at all?

how to do this?

What do you mean by a "dashboard" ?

control panel for all smart devices to be on one screen on android

So this is really an Android question rather than an Arduino one ?

ok i can control also using web explorers

its not important to be android

If I understand you correctly you want a recommendation for a program that runs on Android or in a Web browser that allows control of a number of IOT devices.

Is that correct ?

Thingspeak is one IOTplayground is another.

There are lots out there but google is your friend and each has different methods and ways of working so you will need to asses your exact requirements to be able to find what is best for you.

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I am completely new at this
and would like (DIY) to make smart home

i bought sonoff basic, esp8266 relay and dht11

and would like both to put on one screen for free

i know nothing and thats why i am here

hope someone can help me with this from the begining

For somebody with zero experience that sort of project is quite ambitious.
Jumping in so far ahead of yourself will leave gaps in your knowledge that may be hard to fill.

Please read the last reply I gave with care and follow the links where needed.
It is very important to get you off to a good start.

There are many variations of the sonoff and the esp relay and even to begin helping you need to tell people EXACTLY what you have. (see my first reply)

ok my friend

i will read it

but must tell you, i know that i have no knowledge for this, and would like to learn it....hope i am not the only one who needs help from the scratch in how to build smart home with appliances i have...i am sure that for someone who has experience and knowledge this is piece of cake, but for me is huge as a pyramid

but i dont want to give up

thats why i bought sonoff basic which are working (on/off switches), then esp8266 dht11 which is working on webserver and want to put esp8266 relay (one) to turn on/off device

i use ifttt for sonoff, dht11 with ip adress...working on relay to work because it came with fault (i need to create jumper on two pins)

but after, i want all of there to watch on one screen...if it is possible of course...

hope somone has tutorial or walkthrough guide for this

The Arduino PROJECT HUB and HACKSTER have quite a few ready made projects and ideas that you could adapt.

google Blynk
That may help as an initial step for you.

I feel your pain. This forum could use a level of help or don't reply. The comment that this is a Android question seems to not note that you posted this in a Project Guidance section. Your looking for the best interface to use with your android item to interact with your Arduino data being collected. Sounds like a very basic question to me. I'm sorry I haven't done anything like this yet but looking forward to seeing what you find out.

Side note...

I'm assuming your not looking for every line of code just some helpful hints form those that have done this already to help avoid painful steps to avoid. Kinda like a mentor or a friend.

AGTALK is a forum farmers use and we assume everyone isn't a actual noob and try to assist if we have information that might be helpful or ask for more info which was done here as well at times. Yep some get called out for doing dumb things but hey that is how one learns in life... Sometimes you do what shouldn't have been done and learn things along the way. I was told by John Deere I couldn't interface with another vendors product due to the complexity without completely stripping controller wires off... Now other farmers reach out to me to help them make a similar interface to allow Deere's rate control and Hardi's Steering to work independent and several sensor data shared between the two. Also in 5 mins I can swap out and go all Hardi if a problem. I note this as it was helpful to check with the group at large if others had found a solution, then when I found none existed I was able to get pin out and other data from users so I could build my split connection cable and get the technical data needed to make the needed interface. Community help and as such I offer my info back to the group.

Often with technology if you don't know the actual term used it is difficult to search for things. And sometimes what you are looking to do is pieced together from several different individual projects which sounds like your case.

I use Home Assistant.

The comment that this is a Android question seems to not note that you posted this in a Project Guidance section.

The Project Guidance section of this Arduino forum is for guidance about Arduino projects, not projects on any and every subject or platform. There was no indication of what a "dashboard" was or where it might run, hence my questions.

Getting details out of posters is often like pulling teeth. They know what they are talking about and assume that everyone else does too, which, as here, is often not the case.

Your looking for the best interface to use with your android item to interact with your Arduino data being collected.

If only the OP had said that in the original post

By reply #5 I had managed to tease out of the OP some details of what he/she wanted and in light of that members have made suggestions

"control panel for all smart devices to be on one screen on android"

The most popular display for home automation/monitoring and similar seems to be a web page displayed by a web browser (see link below). For a simple start you might get an ESP8266 or ESP32 based wifi board and start experimenting. You can probably get a WeMOS D1 board for ~$4 from China (or ~$7 US) and the web server part is fairly simple

thanks for advice @zoomkat

i wanted to see what is the capacity of devices i already have

is it possible that lot of people didnt want already to hav all on one place so they can control it

no matter is it on webserver or phone