Free display

I was dismantling a portable DVD player for recycling. Seemed a shame to recycle the display if someone else could use it. Free for the price of shipping. Display measures 3.5 x 6". - Scotty

What country are you living in? If the UK, I could be tempted.

If the UK,

How many people in the UK are called anything junior?

There was Junior Giscombe, but his real name was Norman. XD

Location: Pennsylvania, USA - Scotty

I think a closeup of the board is in order to see if it's usable...

// Per.

I'm in MA, I'll take it. No idea what I'll do with it.

I’m in MA, I’ll take it.
No idea what I’ll do with it.

Save the shipment, go to your local LCD repairing shop and you shall find quite a lot stuff there. :grin: ]:smiley:
PS: :sleeping: :sleeping:

Yep. I have a bunch of those too, from LCD picture frames.

The resolution on those panels is horrible - 640x234 pixels.

// Per.