Free Hacktivism Workshop, Wed, Feb 19 Eindhoven

This workshop is organised in collaboration with the Van Abbemuseum and the Museum of Arte Útil. The idea is to increase awareness and understanding of the many issues associated with hacktivism. A topical issue in the local news will serve as a catalyst for critical discussion. The goal is to use civil debate and informed opinions to proactively influence social change.

Led by Carmin Karasic.
Carmin Karasic (US/NL) works and lives in Eindhoven since 2006, and is active as a media artist and online teacher in 'education in art and technology' at Lesley University, Boston, USA. She is a former member of the Electronic Disturbance Theatre, established in 1997.

The EDT created a program to allow Electronic Civil Disobedience (ECD), called FloodNet a form of hacktivism which would help create the simulation of a sit-in protest over the internet simply known as a virtual sit-in demonstration to disrupt Zapatista oppressors' websites, by overloading their computer networks and servers. The Electronic Disturbance Theater group have the belief that the Internet should not be used purely as a means for communication and data exchange. Instead it is also a forum for direct action.

About the Museum of Arte Útil

Museum of Arte Útil is a place where art’s use value and social function will be put to the test. The Museum of Arte Útil is initiated by Tania Bruguera and developed with the Van Abbemuseum and constructLab. It is the latest phase of a project Bruguera began ten years ago and that included an academy in Havana; the Arte Útil lab at Queens Museum; and residencies at Immigrant Movement International, New York. Visit their website:

The workshop is free.
To register or for more information visit Baltan Website:

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