Free Lance.

If your able to afford it. You can hire a free Lance programmer to write your code, pro tip tell them the code must be provided with full documentation. Not only will you get top notch code you’ll also get code you can learn from for around 300 bucks! Feed a well deserved programmer who will also teach you to code for as little as a few hundred dollors and also you’ll make a good friend from Vietnam, where my ‘BAD ASS’ programmer is from. And also reward a gifted soul with the dollar amounts he deserved as if he lived next to you in your country. My guy from Vietnam delivers on all fronts and also teaches me while wishing me happy birthday on my birthday. The best thing about learning to code is the folks you meet on the way. 300 dollors is a drop in the bucket from where I’m living in the USA. It’s a good living for a couple of months in a third world country.
If you’re stumped on your sketch, hire a third world wizard! You won’t be sorry!

Does not feel like a programming question... not sure what’s the point...

Also this is an English speaking forum here, not a US forum. So you’ll see many members, with different background, coming from all around the world and for whom $300 is a lot of money

your friend should advertise his services by answering asks in the Gigs and Collaboration forum or other free lancers platforms

Was just wanting to express my admiration for this trade, ie programming and how little you can pay for a really good return on your dollors. I earn 900 dollors on an off week where I live but 300 dollors is a good earnings in 2 months for where my buddy in Vietnam lives.


As a side note - I’m always amazed when people know they have no deep skill in one domain and still want to recognize someone as an expert - how can they judge that given they don’t know the best practices of that trade?

Philosophical question of the day :slight_smile: