Free open source schematics drawing software...

TinyCad is a free open source program to produce your own schematics. I've been using it for years and I promise you will be thrilled with it as well. Give it a try !

No I'm not trying to push anything. I just bought my first Arduino, came here and noticed a lot of people weren't able to post schematics because they didn't know of a program to use.

Now I'm waiting for someone to tell me that I shouldn't have posted it in the "Hardware" forum....... ;D

No, I think it is applicable to the hardware subforum. So many newcomers come here with a problem and try to verbally describe the components and their wiring and it can be very frustrated trying to help them. Something really simple and quick to pick up would be a real blessing.

I've looked at your link and it looks like a nice project, however I didn't get a feel for how easy and quickly one could start creating schematics with it. I wish it had a short video showing creating a schematic from scratch. I tend to not like to install software until I have a better feel for what I'm in store for.


I used TinyCAD for a while, I've now moved onto a pro package but I would recommend TinyCAD as being quite a nice product that was easy to learn.

Longview: Does it have pin swapping? I can't remember.


I think no matter what package you use, it's best to stick with one and master it. Once you use it often, I don't think it would be a problem.

Greynomad I was using a very old version of TinyCad and I know it did not support pin swapping. At least that I know of. I downloaded the newest version recently but haven't installed it yet. Looking at the screenshot I can tell there has been a lot going on since my last incursion so maybe it does now. I guess I'll have to install it and find out.

Retrolefty? My version (probably late 90's) was drag and drop from a large library of components and tying it all together with wiring. I'm quite sure it has evolved seeing the install file is about 3 times larger. If I get a chance to install and use it fairly soon, I'll let you know know how it feels.


Ok, it seems it still does NOT support pin swapping. Sorry Gray.... :(

it seems it still does NOT support pin swapping

To be expected I suppose, most progs don’t I think. It’s a really nice feature though and Protel did that in the 80s so it’s not rocket science.

Just to be clear, maybe pin swapping is not the correct term. I’m referring to the ability to move the pins around on a placed chip. This is great for improving the readability of a schematic.


I don't think you can move pins once a item is placed from a library. You can edit the item and save to a custom library.

I use Tinycad exclusively, and I think its very functional. However, its(was) possible to crash it if you do some of the checks/verification scans at the wrong time. I don't have the latest I think, theres been a lot of activity lately.

That said I have never lost data with a crash, it picks up right where I last saved. Save often.


there is also Kicad

But I can't put the link cause it 's my first post. Find it with google.

+1 for Kicad as it works on Linux.