Free pins on adafruit V2 to connect an additionnal servo

Hi everybody,

I would like to connect 3 servos to my Arduino Uno. I’m using an adafruit v2 motorshield since I also drive 2 stepper. I am already using the 2 servo pins of the motor shield. Is there a free pin on the adafruit v2 which would allow me to connect the signal pin of the servo?

Thank you!

Is your answer not here

Most of the pins on that shield are free as far as I can see.

The steppers use an I2C expander (PCA9685) on pin A4, A5. And the servos use pin 10 (servo1) and pin9 (servo2).

Not a big job to add another 3-pin pinstrip to the proto field, and connect it to e.g. pin8/servo supply/ground. Leo..

Thank you Wawa, that’s what I thought I understood from the datasheet. As you can see by my question, this is really not my field of expertise.

I have another question for you guys since a new problem showed up. I have a project at school in which I need to build a robot who completes different tasks. The more batteries I use, the more points I loose (I can only use AA 1.5V batteries).

So my robot is using 2 12v steppers and a servo (1501mg). I wanted to use 4 AA, to get 6V and transform it to 12V with a DC-DC converter. Everything was going fine until I plugged in the servo. It is pulling so much power that the Arduino keeps shutting down.

According to your experience, would 6 AA batteries be sufficient to power the motors and keep the Arduino from shutting down?

Thank you all for your answers.

What sort of AA battereries. Primary or rechargeable.

Most (cheap) primary batteries AA batteries can't deliver the current, so voltage drops under load. It might work with rechargeables. Leo..