Free Running ADC and Prescaler Reset

Hello! I have a few questions, that are probably the result of overthinking...or perhaps underthinking.

I have a free running ADC using a prescaler of 16.

I read in the ATmega328 and ATtiny85 datasheets sections on the ADC that "when auto triggering is used, the prescaler is reset when the trigger event occurs."

Later it says "free running mode will not cause a trigger event."

There are a few things here I'm not sure I understand.

  1. If free running mode doesn't cause a trigger event this would mean that the prescaler doesn't reset in free running mode, right?

  2. Does "prescaler reset" mean what I think it does? I'm interpreting it to mean that it resets to the default 128. If it does, does this mean the prescaler would have to be set after each read?

In this context, prescaler reset does not mean that the value the user configured, say /2, /8, /32 etc. , gets lost. It means that the prescaler’s counter is reset.
If the prescaler is set to, say 128, the prescaler counts up to 128 system clock ticks before advancing the ADC’s clock 1 tick. If an event occurs, such as a timer triggering a conversion, the prescaler’s counter starts again at 0, that is it is reset.

Oh! Duh! Thank you so much for clearing that up for me!