Free sensor magazine from Elektor

May interest some members.


Always good to get freebies to use up space on my Hard Disk. Thanks for the link.


Elektor has changed a lot over the last few years.
Price went sky high, and editions were reduced to 6 a year (last year 10 and ever before that, it was 11 a year).

As a subscriber i already received that edition on paper.
It's nothing else than a collection of advertorials.
So companies send in their message, and the only thing editor in chief Jan Buiting (probably the only Elektor editor for these editions) has to do, is put that text in the right font.

Sure, it's nice to be kept on track of recent developments in sensors, or see what IoT is about (february/march edition), or at least what companies believe you should think of it.
But why does that have to be a separate edition instead of part of the regular editions like it used to be ?

I have warned the Elektor internet community for this development, because one could see this coming years ago.
Now that community is split into a forum like this one (but really dead) and some separate Elektor internet space, where subscribers can cooperate and create projects.
If your project gets interesting, it might be published in Elektor, after they put their twist on it.

My > 20 year subscription will end after the current period has passed.
I can spend my hard earned money in better ways.

I agree re subscription termination.

At work we subscribed to Elektor for quite a few years but stopped due to it being a high end project magazine with little interest to anyone that did not want complex projects.

I still get their emails and find some articles interesting but not enough to warrant a subscription.


I still get their emails and find some articles interesting but not enough to warrant a subscription.

Saw a blog on Elektor is offering a digital subscription at half the price. Maybe it's worth for you to check it out :wink: Blog links to

At free though, they may have hit the correct price-point, eh?

Well they reckon a product is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it.


Yep. Unfortunately, my software is the same way (free and worth every penny of it.)