Free virtual Uno simulation environment

im afraid i too got an error for the dl page of the zip file.

Downloaded 1/19/2015 installed on win7 64 bit system. Works excellently!! Professor Simmons: I am retired computers and electronics technologies instructor and would like to link students to your simulator for a new online course I am preparing on Arduino and circuit prototyping in the maker vent. Would you have any objections to my putting a link to your program in the course along with credits to you?

I have been considering another professional program but your program fits my requirements very well.

Thanks Tim

Update: Hurrah! Download problem solved! See post of 22 Jan 15

Rest is modified verion of original post...

Tried download again... still problems. (Original had details of what I'd tried... including...)

Tried to add yet another piece of software to my computer, as the download process seemed to "need" that. (The special "zip extractor", or whatever it was called)

Not necessary. (See post of 22 Jan 15)

How do I like to "publish" free things... or access them? Go to, say...

Try the "download a .zip with the code and a compiled .exe file in it." See if it gives you any hassle? (And let me know, if it does!) (It will give you a little Windows program, illustrating topics in Lazarus programming. (Lazarus: An open-source, multi-platform language similar to Delphi.)

ok cool well im pretty certain i want to pursue making my own processing/VB/Arduino virtual platform any how. i mean if anything should be free source it should be things that make life easier for those that are pushing their mental boundaries throughout the world ie designing and innovating anything (which is broad enough i think) so yep thats why i posted something in this vein in the gigs and collaborations section to try and get something like this cooking anyway.

thanks for posting the link ill take a look

ah this is my 32 bit ill try the 64 now. lol this 32 bit is in better nick because my dad never used it because the power adapter was blown and he assumed must be laptop.

How does it handle complex external hardware? That's where all the fun happens.

i did find one (you'll need to google it i cant remember the link) that created the simulation on an engine that is apparently built based on Maxwell's Equations hence you get all the fruit of wireless involved in the read out i suppose only thing that made me click out ocf the page was pricing unfortunately

but if i were in a more established stage of my life and could afford it hey... im sure you understand how much cost and time cutting would be involved having it handy in prototyping!

Just a tip regarding the problems with downloading mentioned above.

Once you are on the page with the download, Click on the little downward arrow on the right side and you should get a windows"do you want to download..." box. DO NOT click on the name of the file, this will give you a URL not found error (Unless you are loged in with a google account, I am assuming).

Hope this helps

so hang on, that works for you? just staying on the page that clicking on simulator takes you to from the index? it get the same non functional google page whether i left OR right click on the zip link provided on that page on my 32 system. have not got round to checking my 64 or as i affectionately refer to it as "mr dusty"

For those who've had trouble downloading the simulator....

Once you are on the page with the download... on the little downward arrow at the right-hand end of the line and you should get a Windows "Do you want to download...?" box.

Hurrah!! Thank you Opal_1970! (I was so grateful that I actually remembered to click on his "Add Karma" button!) That was "the secret" I'd failed to grasp!! (Successful download just now with Windows 7/ Firefox 35.0)


After a bit of a bother figuring out the download interface I was able to get in, install it and run it.

I have attached a photo of the URL and relevant area on the page to click. Google makes a mess of it.

Will be using the simulator in my MSc Robotics course this semester, in the School of Design at HKPU.

I will let you know how well it was received by (primarily non-technical) Mainland Chinese Designers.

Graham Leach
Visiting Lecturer, School of Design
Multimedia & Entertainment Technology (MSc)
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Wow! I think I'll try it.

Tell me, how does it compare to Simulator for Arduino ? at Virtronics, we have a range of universities and educational institutions who use the Simulator and one purchased 200 licences last year.

Tested! Good!

I have finally had time to do a few tests of the simulator... and I am delighted with it. Excellent for introducing Arduino to students.

A few notes put together at...

Tell me, how does it compare to Simulator for Arduino ? at Virtronics, we have a range of universities and educational institutions who use the Simulator and one purchased 200 licences last year.

how much is a student license for yours and how long is the demo? im asking because im trying this one tonight so i will evaluate yours based on this one being freeware.

I may have got details wrong, but if I've read the site correctly... prices in Australian Dollars, "AD"...

Current version: AD 15 Version 1.0 list expected to be around AD 50

Then there's a free demo version...

"Ten minute trial (then 30 day trial with a simple email unlock)"

"After 30 days of use or 100 sketches there is a delay timer on loading a sketch and code limit of 150 lines"

See more at:

=== Now... don't get me wrong: It is THEIR product, and they have every right to sell licenses for use as they see fit. But I'm going to invest some time in the FREE simulator first, and see if I can live with it before spending money that I could spend on actual Arduinos!

And when it comes to shareware, I don't want to invest time in getting to grips with something if usage is time limited. Feature limited: Fine! But I rarely see something that is time limited that interests me enough to spend time there.

i do like this one for sure im having some teething problems in that ive somehow cause all the options under the execute tab to be unavailable. im using the software serial.

Thank you for this wonderful program. I've just ran through some test and it's definitely going to be a great addition beside the real thing.

thanks a lot

Hello all, I am trying to download the simulator but not getting the link to download.

I searched in following link

But the last update was on Jun 27, 2014, I want to know that whether this simulator was updated after that or that was the only updated version?

If any new version is available for win7 64bit, kindly send me the download link in ASAP.

Thanx in advance. . .

dipanshupayasi- See posts 17 and 18 above. In 18, if you click on the graphic it gets big enough to read, but then you may need to use the horizontal scrool bar to see the bit at the right which marks the arrow you need.

Overcome all that, and you should be okay. Download worked (for me!) 6am UK 14 Feb 15.

(You get to the download page from the one you cited by clicking on "Simulator" in the menu at the left there.)