Free virtual Uno simulation environment

Woo, this simulator is great, exactly what I what looking for. Thank you mate!

I am getting an error when trying to define :

long unsigned int rxID;

"PARSE ERROR: 'unsigned': illegal identifier: matches a reserved keyword in Arduino"

any idea?

Nice tool. Is there a reason it doesn't understand the datatype "short" ?

I really enjoy your simulator, when I can , can I donate towards it ??? I think this is a worthy cause and I usually don’t donate to too much to projects unless they are good… but this one is. The only thing I would like to see is more projects for it. I am part of the Robot Club at KwartzLab in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (some of you reading this might know me)… if anyone wants more info about the Robot Club or KwartzLab email me back. Thanks… Russ Campbell

Hello, I've come across a possible bug. In the code below, in block //4 the replace seems not to function. John

/* Sample Program to show some string functionsn */ //#include "string.h";

void setup() { String my_str = "This is my string."; Serial.begin(9600);

// (1) print the string Serial.println(my_str);

// (2) change the string to upper-case my_str.toUpperCase(); Serial.println(my_str);

// (3) overwrite the string my_str = "My new string."; Serial.println(my_str);

// (4) replace a word in the string my_str.replace("string", "Arduino sketch"); Serial.println(my_str);

// (5) get the length of the string Serial.print("String length is: "); Serial.println(my_str.length());}

void loop() { }

My code is working perfectly on Arduino uno v3. Simulator is giving error on #include

Error is : PARSE ERROR: A < > Bracketed #include file name must contain the full drive path

How to solve this issue?

Thanks for this monumental effort ! I ran the "blink" program and another a string functions testing program and they ran perfectly . I attached a few 'small devices" as well like LEDs and a terminal , was impressed with its functioning. The compiler within it is very friendly and its messages are detailed to solve any coding mistake easily, even compared to the Arduino IDE C compiler. My congratulations. Is there a way to run a HEX file directly in case i don't have C source program ? its needed in some situations where i compile on a different compiler and want to test the hex file on your simulator or someone gives me a hex file to use.

how can I download a Uno simulator in my computer? please help

Hi, have not tried this yet, my home system run Ubuntu and centos Linux any thought of porting it?

I will create a windows VM to try it, but would prefer a native version.. please

Or maybe an android one for my old A500 tablet..

It runs both Lubuntu 14.04 and android 5.1.1.

Cheers Pasquale

At the page for the simulator is said.

"This is a simulator for Windows (XP or later). Porting to other operating systems is a project for future."

so it only runs on windows. [ from one 60yr old to another : ) ]

Boa tarde, alguém sabe informar onde encontro um curso de Arduino autorizado? Gostaria de certificar professores e a escola pelo Arduino.


Excellent initiative!

Do you have plans to release it for OSX?

Brilliant. I am currently developing a flight simulator interface while on holiday without my Ardiuino hardware. Now I can continue working and testing. Thank you.

Do you have a macOS version?

Fantastic! I feel that this is exactly the initiative that Arduino embodies, and encourages, and rightly so. Are there any plans to develop it into Android and/or iOS?

Hi Stan,

Constructive criticism - I have just tried your software and it shows fantastic potential! May I make a couple of suggestions for improvement.

1) I would be great if the left hand site 'Coding Window' allowed us to actual code. This would be beneficial as we would have immediate (instead of - compiled, saving, loading into unoardusim and repeat) feedback for our (newbies) code.

2) The ability to import a Hex file to be simulated.

3) The inclusion of some more hardware eg 1602 displays, 4x 7segment displays, resistive sensors (temp), optical encoders

Thanks again

The list of the Top 10 Best Simulators for Arduino is shown in the following.

Paul Ware’s Arduino simulator. Simduino. ArduinoSim Arduino Simulator for PC. Emulare Arduino simulator. Simulator for Arduino. Autodesk Eagle. Proteus. Autodesk Circuits. Virtronics Simulator for Arduino Arduino

I used the Stanley Huang version of CodeBlocks that has a simulator integrated so you can change the sketch, compile a see the result. The other simulator I used require that first I have to compile in Arduino IDE and then import the binary.

Is there a simulator with integrated IDE so I can do the same that I do in CodeBlocks? I mean that I can modify the sketch and have te simulator that run it (after compiling!).

but that’s just picture… :frowning:

The List of Arduino Simulators

PaulWare’s Arduino Simulator SimDuino ArduinoSim Arduino Simulator for PC Emulare Arduino Simulator Simulator for Arduino Yenka for Arduino AutoCAD 123D LTSpice Arduino Simulator PSpice for Arduino Circuit Lab Arduino Simulator EasyEDA simulator Circuits-cloud Simulator Systemvision Simulator Proteus by Labcenter

Copied it from this article of Arduino simulators.