FREE! who wants some high voltage devices for projects? (UK only)

Having a clear out I have come across some HV transistors etc that I bought for an electronic ignition project in the 80's. Shame to throw 'em out if someone could use them!

BU105, TAG220-600, BT151-650R, T2500B, BTW58-1000R etc - a few of each (350 grams in all.)

No takers? Shame to throw them out. I'm near Blaydon Tyne & Wear, but postage under £5

Tell me when you emigrate! :grinning:

All unused not pulls, & interesting devices like gate turn off transistors. No takers?

Not unless you turn up in Sydney, I am afraid! :astonished:

I'm in North Queensland ------ U.K. only ..... understandable hehe

Happy to fetch 'em over, just send return air fare. Its winter here, so I can stay a few months and help you try them!.