Freeduino and Shields


I own a Freeduino Diecimila compatible board. I was wondering if i purchase a standard Arduino shield, do the pins line up or has the Freeduino got slightly different pin positions? (due to its through-hole design...)

Thanks, Mitch

its a clone so it is compatible :)

I prefer the name "replicant"... sounds more futuristic. The physical format is compatible with Arduino, so any Arduino shield can be used. The fact that it is physically compatible is one of the distinctive factors of Freeduino, so far. Even the Freeduino USB from NKC, which as a larger board, rounded corners, has pin headers compatible with Arduino... it is a de-facto standard.

Replicant... yeah, definitely more Dickian....

And anyway, standards, schmandards - :P


As nkc said, "so far"; one of the minus features of the "freeduino" freedom is that someone could build and sell something called "freeduino" that was NOT compatible with shields. Shucks, they could build something call freeduino with a PIC on it :-)