Freeduino Arduino Motor control

How many motors can I connect to One Freeduino ( Freeduino Arduino Motor control (

I want to add at least 4 motors with good torque that I want to control with some sort of input (to control the speed and side of rotation).

I believe the freeduino motorcontrolle has one H bridge IC which can control 2 DC motors with speed and direction control.

I don't think you can use more than one of these board at a time, so it is probably not going to serve your purpose.

You can either build your oen with two H bridge IC's, it's not that difficult. Or cehck out lady Adsa motor controller which as far as i remember can control two DC motors with both speed and direction.

I just ordered this new board from Adafruit where they claim it can control up to 4 motors.

4 dc motors are definitely not a problem for the shield i designed, as long as the power requirements are below the chips’ max. even then you can always ‘piggyback’ them for more power

Just wondering, can I use more then one shield at a time? For example what if I need the motor shield and the ethernet shield for a project involving motor manipulation through internet. Will this be possible?

ya, you can (in theory) do it, i know there are at least 2 pins available on the motor shield that you could select as the AFSoftSerial pins. if you're not using the servos, you can use those pins for flow control. id put the xport ethernet shield on top. i say in theory because i havent actually done it myself, although it would be a good demo example :)