Freeduino/Easydriver monitoring with LEDS

Im using a Freeduino/Easydriver combination to control a stepper motor for a motorised focuser. The Easydriver is connected to digial pins 2 and 3 and I was wondering if I could monitor the pins via a LED on each one? Is this possible and if so how would I wire them?

LEDS would be 3mm 65mcd 2.1Vf 15mA

Thanks in advance

I am assuming the two pins control step and direction. Just wire the LED and resistor across the pins. That is from the pin to ground. Make the resistor a bit higher so you only pull half the current That will be enough for you to see without unduly loading the outputs.

The usual time spent on HIGH for a step signal should be on the order of tens to hundreds of microseconds. While you can certainly monitor the direction signal, you might not be able to visualize the step signals without unduly slowing down your stepper =)


Thanks for the replies, I was worried about interfering with the steps signal....I'll give it a go and see what happens.