Freeduino SB - Blinking blue LED/No Power LED

Hello, I just got my new "Freeduino SB" board soldered up, plugged it in to USBmini to power it up and all I get is a blinking blue LED next to my Digital I/O 13 that blinks at about a 1 second interval, no power light comes on.

I've dug everywhere and can't seem to find out what this is meaning, I've checked and rechecked my soldering and everything seems alright.

Any happen to know what this blinking is indicating or any ideas, as I'm stumped right now.


-EDIT- Oh, the jumper is set correctly, my PC even auto detects the new hardware being present and drivers took for the FTDI USB

Is your power LED backwards?

No, most of it came pre-assembled. I just had to solder in the chip mount, power switch, USBmini, crystal, reset button, jumper pins and power jack (which can't be used because it seems they put the filters in backwards so only can take 6v in) lol

Soo yeah, figured I'd see what others had to say before contacting them. Bit aggrivating I can't seem to find LED indication definitions anywhere.

If the rest of your board works, it's obviously getting power, so that tells me the problem is most likely just with the LED portion of the circuit. My guess is that either the LED was put on backwards or the current-limiting resistor is missing/not soldered on properly or the LED trace is bad. If you have a multimeter you can check to see if the LED is oriented correctly. You can also measure voltages at various points of the LED portion of the circuit to figure out where the problem might be.

By the way, I don't know anything about the Freeduino, so as far as I know maybe it doesn't even have a power LED, in which case you can ignore everything I've just said...

  • Ben

Yeah, I'd suggest contacting the makers of your board, as every board is a bit different.


do you have - the power switch in the "on position, and - the power header in the right position?

A blink is actually good news, as the processor is running.