Freeduino v1.22

Can anyone please tell me where I can obtain the schematics and gerber files for the Freeduino version 1.22 (the one with the rounded edges). The Freeduino website only lists versions up to 1.16


V1.19.2 is here:
(I’ll try to get it put up on the official freeduino site as well, especially since geocities is going away.)
It was V1.19 that added the rounded edges and abandoned the “Italian Style” shape; it bought enough extra space on the board for dual USB connector layout, and TO220 voltage regulator, and doesn’t really increase the usable footprint.

I’m not sure what’s happened since 1.19 (or where.) Occasionally a freeduino clone starts being sold by someplace far away, complete with my name in the copper layer. A decidedly odd feeling. (there’s no requirement that the name stay, though my ego does appreciate it :slight_smile:

I think NKC are selling one with v1.22 written on it.