Freelancer - Ethernet and RFID Sensor

We are looking for a freelancer for a small project that involves arduino reading from RFID Shield and sending the data to a server using ethernet shield. it will be better if we can find someone in Ontario who can help us with the prototype

Hello I live in France if that is any use to you.

20 years 4GL development and about 5 years embedded controller (PIC) and PGA coding. Design in PWM Coding for robotics (Servo) control. I also speak English fluently.

If you are still looking for help then PM me. I am currently working on a couple of projects from this forum, one of which is about to come to an end and so I am available at the end of this week.

Cheers Pete.

can you please send me an email with your contact info to

Hi ,

I have sent you through my details to the email address listed above.

Cheers Pete.

I've not received any email, can you send me your contact information here ?

SUre no problem here is the email I sent you

Hello, Here a re my contact details. Email : or contact me through the forum Address : Peter Baines Le Petit Dragon Rouge Miers 46500 France If you wish you can also call me by telephone on +33 5 65 33 67 35 Finally you can Skype me on lpdr.Miers

Cheers Pete.