FreeRTOS task to Blink NINA-ONLY LEDs For MKR 4K Vidor (and 1010)


Attached is the source to blink the NINA only LEDs for the Vidor and 1010. There’s a #define at the top of the blink.c file:

#define USING_MKR_1010

Comment that out for the 4K.

Also - in the cpu_start.c file - at the bottom - add the task create (pinned) call:

xTaskCreatePinnedToCore(&blink_task, “blink_task”, configMINIMAL_STACK_SIZE, NULL, 5, NULL, 1);


Alternatively, I have a couple of pre-built bin files posted here: - look at the bottom of that thread.

I’ve tested both with the WifiWebClient sketch - seems to work pretty good - the 4K has some interesting color combinations.

Note: unzip the attached in:
C:\esp\nina-fw\arduino - if this is on your C: drive - as an example.

And, for cpu_start.c - you’ll need to add the above here:

Once that’s done - your subsequent builds will blink the LEDs (NINA Only LEDs).

Have Fun,
John W. (44.4 KB)