Freerunning A2D on Due


I'm quite new to Arduino, and the Due, but I have a lot of experiance programming AVRs via AVR Studio.

One of the reasons I've moved to Due is the massively faster A2D capability. I want to run an A2D channel at about 100kHz. From the SAM3X datasheet, it looks like this sort of speed should be no sweat for the chip... but it is not clear to me how I might do this through the Arduino libraries.

As far as I can tell, on the AVR based Arduinos if you want freerunning A2D conversions, then you are basically programming the AVR chip directly like you would without the Arduino IDE. Okay, I'm game.

But I'm not sure how this works with the Due.

Does anyone have examples of how to access and manipulate the underlying Due functionality? So far in my explorations it does not seem to be a straight forward as writing bits to the registers as in the AVR method.

Better yet would be a library that allows me to do freerunning A2D conversions and attach to the completion interrupt!

Thanks so much,