Freewheeling with body diodes...

Hey all,

I’m planning to build this H-Bridge to drive some big brushed motors on my RC Tank.

The schematic shows four diodes being used for freewheeling. But I noticed that the body diodes of the MOSFETs are in the exact same configuration as the external diodes. So can I omit those external ones and get the job done with the body diodes?


Better still get a better H-bridge circuit to work with.

First off that circuit can only work with 12V, not 60V as claimed. Its lacking level shifters,
perhaps its meant to have gate driver chips (those low value 10 ohm gate resistors suggest this),
in which case why not use all n-channel MOSFETs and the normal H-bridge design using bootstrapped
high-low driver chips?

[ checkout datasheets for devices like IRS2004, FAN7888, HIP4081A, many many others ]