Freeze when i click on tools

I know it's a known problem that the arduino software freezes when you click on the tools menu but what can you do to fix it?


For which version of the IDE? On what operating system?

I'm using the last version( 0022) and it's running on vista home premium


after I had disabled some bluetooth com ports, Arduio works very well.


When i turn my bluetooth of with the button on my laptop the software doesn't freeze anymore so that's indeed the problem. But my wifi is turned of too so how can i disable these ports in windows?

Mmh, I have a German XP. But I hope you will see where it is.

I disabled all the bluetooth com ports but when i click on tools it still freezes. If I check serial ports its greyed out because there are non so they are really all disabled. (my vista is in dutch :wink: )

mmh, heavy to say. The reason for my slow Arduino were these two Bluetooth COM ports (COM5 & COM12 in the picture).

Eried has a well working solution :-),50986.0.html

Oh thx. Ill try that tomorrow!

I tried it and it works great! thx alot!