French version of the Starter Kit manual

I just bought the starter kit for my son but only the EN version was available.
I know that a French version is existing.
So what I would like to know is where I could find the French version of the 170 pages manual delivered with the kit.

If someone from Arduino is reading this post, could you let me know where I could download it from ?



As far as I am aware only the English and Italian versions are available under the Genuino brands. I believe that do a French version so you may be better asking over there?


The starter kit exists in different languages :
K000007 : English
K010007 : Italian
K020007 : French
K030007 : Spanish

How to have access to a book in a different language than yours, that's the question :slight_smile:

Just to satisfy my curiosity, can you provide me with a link to those items on this site?

Just Goole Arduino followed by the K number and you'll find plenty of links where you can buy them.



This is, not That is a different company.